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SPARK Med Mobile (SMM) is responsible for the drawing and handling of laboratory specimens. SMM does not collect any specimens without a physician order or a request from a laboratory. We are not permitted to give any medical advice or treat or diagnose anyone.

SPARK Med Mobile handles the delivery of all samples to their proper laboratory. If the specimen has special handling, we will package all specimens for pickup via courier at the patient's home. Under no circumstances will a client be given a sample to handle. SMM is not responsible for any delay of arrival to the laboratory due to weather conditions or any other problems that may occur once the sample has been delivered or picked up by courier service.

SPARK Med Mobile is not responsible for any errors that may occur at the laboratory. Any errors in collection caused by SMM will be corrected by redrawing at no additional charge. SMM makes every attempt to have contact with the patient prior to the draw. We do not go out unless we have made verbal contact with the patient the night before or morning of the scheduled blood draw. If we arrive at the appointment for the blood draw and are unable to collect the specimen due to circumstances beyond our control (the patient refuses, is not available to be drawn, etc.), the patient will remain responsible for the full charges of the draw. Any errors in collection caused by SMM (drawing the wrong tubes, unable to obtain a satisfactory blood flow to collect the specimen, etc.) will not incur a charge to the patient or will be redrawn at no additional charge to the patient.

Payment for our services is due on the date of service. SPARK Med Mobile does not bill insurance companies; any claims must be submitted by the client. We are an independent phlebotomy service. SMM does not have any ties to any laboratories or doctor's offices. Under no circumstances will SPARK Med Mobile divulge client information, personal or other, to any authorized personnel. All client information is always kept confidential. We are fully HIPAA compliant and respect the privacy of the individuals we serve.