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Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing for Various Situations

Drug tests are used in a variety of situations, including for DUI/DWI, probation, and child custody matters. Remaining drug-free or alcohol-free is sometimes a court-ordered condition. Often, the court or an agreement between the parties will determine the frequency and guidelines of testing. The court may also order the parties to share in the costs or order one party to cover all of the expenses. This decision is possibly covered by a mutual agreement. Regardless of the situation, SPARK Med Mobile has the flexibility to meet your needs for mobile drug testing and alcohol testing.


Child Custody

Legal battles involving child custody may include issues of drug or alcohol use or abuse among one or both of the former spouses. In order to protect the children, an ongoing program of random drug testing is often agreed upon or ordered by the court. Alternatively, the program may include testing of either spouse at the time of visitation or custody.


Many jurisdictions order random drug and/or alcohol tests for probation or pretrial. DUI/DWI arrests or convictions also often result in court-ordered screening. Although jurisdictions vary, many courts mandate ongoing testing.


A majority of Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations require potential job candidates to undergo a drug screening before extending an offer of employment. Workers who abuse drugs are more likely to use their health benefits and submit claims for workers' compensation, according to the US Department of Labor. In addition to medical expenses, drug abuse is associated with increased tardiness, absences, and poor performance in the workplace.


Drug-impaired students undermine our country's ability to compete on the world stage. Unfortunately, compared with many of our international competitors, the US is operating at a handicap because too many of our youth, indeed our citizens, are abusing drugs. America represents 4% of the world's population, yet it consumes two-thirds of the world's illegal drugs.

Whatever the reason, SPARK Med Mobile offers drug and alcohol testing options for your particular circumstances. We perform screenings for different drug-detection periods, from recent use up to 6 months, by using specimens such as oral fluid, urine, and hair. Call us for open appointment times.